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MENA Minds is a group of talented and experienced marketers and advertising specialists with long experience in MENA (Middle East & North Africa) By tapping into our expertise, you gain access to the region’s most seasoned marketing experts and their local networks.

We offer the fastest way to enter the Gulf and Arab world effectively and profitably.

Our go-to-market solutions provide a fast track to a dynamic area brimming with untapped investment opportunities and huge growth.

Let us help your company tap into this ever-growing market!

Adnan Tarabishy

Connector MIND

Adnan Tarabishy

Adnan T, is a highly experienced person who is known for his skills in building business alliances around the Gulf and Arab World. He is a networker in the grand sense of the word who will be able to perfectly connect you with a business partner or refer you to an entity in the MENA to fast-track your entry to those strategic markets. Know More

Manaf Bilal

Advertising MIND

Manaf Bilal

Manaf B, has been running several advertising campaigns for local and international clients for the past 30 years in the Gulf and Arab World. He provides you with campaigns that will be most efficient and well targeted to achieve your business objectives. Know More

Fadi Fakih

Marketing MIND

Fadi Fakih

Fadi's distinguished 25-year career stands as an exemplar of marketing excellence in the MENA region.
Fadi’s core strength lies in his deep understanding of market dynamics and consumer behaviour, especially in the MENA region. Know More

Noreen Hafez

AI / Blockchain MIND

Noreen Hafez

Noreen H, A proficient marketer specializing in AI and Blockchain domains. She possesses a unique blend of technical expertise and strategic prowess; combined with in-depth understanding of the intricacies of these cutting-edge technologies. Know More

Iyad Krayem

Creative Storytelling MIND

Iyad Krayem

For over 30 years Iyad K has been leading a team of creative groups, agencies, and subsidiaries in MENA. He worked with prestigious brands like Mercedes, Booz/Allen, UNDP and many other multinationals who believed in his talent and capabilities to offer great narratives and translate it to business objectives. Know More

Muhammad Jabr

Visual MIND

Mohamad Jabr

Mohamad, is a visual talent who shines through every project he undertake. His ability to transform abstract concepts into stunning visual representations is nothing short of remarkable. Whether it's designing an eye-catching billboard, or crafting captivating marketing materials, or creating visually engaging websites, you cannot go wrong with Mohamad. Know More

Regions we cover

MENA region offers vast market opportunities across sectors like energy, construction, tourism, finance, technology, manufacturing, and more, attracting global investors seeking growth and expansion.


Saudi Arabia







The United Arab Emirates, led by Dubai, has established itself as a trade and finance hub, while also making significant advancements in scientific innovation, particularly through its ambitious space missions. The UAE's Mars mission, the "Hope Probe," showcases its commitment to global science and technology leadership. The space program inspires youth, diversifies the knowledge-based economy, and highlights the UAE's problem-solving abilities and international collaboration.

Saudi Arabia presents abundant market opportunities. As the largest economy in the Middle East, the country offers a favorable business environment and a wide range of sectors for investment. With ambitious plans such as Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia is diversifying its economy beyond oil, focusing on sectors like tourism, entertainment, renewable energy, and manufacturing. The country's young and tech-savvy population, coupled with government initiatives, makes Saudi Arabia an attractive market for global investors looking for long-term growth prospects.

Iraq presents a compelling investment landscape with a young population, growing stability, and diverse growth opportunities. The youthful demographic, economic recovery, and improving governance create a favorable environment for foreign investment. Key sectors like oil and gas drive the economy, while diversification efforts offer prospects in construction, agriculture, and technology. Geographical positioning enhances trade and logistics. Iraq's potential, with its youth and stability makes it an attractive market for contributing to sustainable growth.

Qatar, with its abundant natural resources and strategic investments in sports and soft power, has emerged as a global player. Its diversified economy, despite a small population, attracts international business and finance. The hosting of the 2022 FIFA World Cup showcases its vision and enhances its reputation. Investments in sports facilities and academies solidify its sports prowess. Through platforms like Al Jazeera and investments in education and the arts, Qatar extends its influence.

Oman presents promising market opportunities for investors. With its strategic location, stable economy, and supportive business environment, the country offers potential for growth in sectors such as tourism, logistics, manufacturing, and renewable energy. Oman's focus on economic diversification, infrastructure development, and attracting foreign investment creates favorable conditions for businesses.

Egypt's dynamic market and ambitious projects, such as the new administrative capital, make it a promising investment destination. With a population exceeding 100 million, Egypt offers a sizable domestic market, while its focus on renewable energy and stable political climate further attract investors. Its strategic location and blend of history and modernity create diverse opportunities in sectors like real estate and energy, making Egypt an attractive choice for companies expanding in the MENA region.

Morocco presents strategic investment opportunities at the crossroads of Europe and Africa. Its favorable location, well-established trade agreements, modern infrastructure, and focus on renewable energy make it attractive for green technologies and logistics. Stable politics, liberal economic policies, skilled labor, and a thriving tourism sector further enhance its appeal for global expansion.

Libya's investment landscape is driven by abundant natural resources, particularly oil and gas. Despite political challenges, efforts towards peace and reconstruction create potential for economic revival. Geographical location as a trade conduit and improving governance attract foreign investment. Libya's untapped oil reserves make it a high-risk, high-reward destination for companies contributing to long-term stability and growth.


Partners &
Staffing in MENA

We help you identify and approach the right partners and form the most effective teams for the job. We also help you identify the right legal, tax and other specialized business consultants should you need such. Contact us


Social Media Management

Do you need a content strategy for the Arab world? Or do you need to consider an Arab audience among your existing audiences? At MENAMINDS we have the experts that can help you develop, produce and implement a content strategy specific to the Arab world, or parts thereof. We can also help you adapt an existing strategy to ensure its effectiveness by Arabizing, translating, subtitling or dubbing your existing content. Contact us


Marketing To Arabs

What is the most effective activation strategy in the Arab World? How best to engage your target audience with on the ground activities that allow you to inform, educate, manifest and sample your brand, product or idea, while creating a memorable experience that resonates. Whether it’s participating in a fair, exhibit, or conference, whether sampling a product, or organizing your own event, concert… these are some of the activations that we can help you implement. Contact us


in Gulf Markets

Who are the best influencers in the Arab world? Who are the ones that best suit your objectives? How should they be engaged? How can you help the Arab Media talk about you? How can you get into the news? How can you create scoops and spins in the Arab news? How can you make it work for you? How can you pre-empt and management crises in the Arab World? These are some of things that our MENAMINDS consultants can help you with. Contact us

What We Do

Success Stories in different mena markets

MENA Minds Ignites Social Buzz with Influencer-Driven Campaign for Aquafina and Mirinda
Aquafina and Mirinda
MENA Minds Ignites Social Buzz with Influencer-Driven Campaign for Aquafina and Mirinda
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Exxon Mobile Social Media
Exxon Mobile
the task at hand was to localize their global social media campaign for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)
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Huawei Call center Egypt
Huawei Call center
The need for a full-scale call center was urgent to enhance customer support and optimize business operations
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Lay's Activation IRAQ
Lay's Activation
In the dynamic and competitive world of marketing, creativity and innovation are the keys to capturing the hearts and minds of consumers.
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Mountain Dew: An Extreme Sport Odyssey
Mountain Dew
MENA Minds and Mountain Dew: An Extreme Sport Odyssey
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Nestle Mall Activation
Nestle Mall Activation
MENA Minds’ Successful Mall Activation Program for NIDO Powder Milk
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OXFAM Campaign
OXFAM’s Remarkable Social Distancing Campaign by MENA Minds
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Pepsi Street Football
Pepsi Street Football
Pepsi Street Football Empowering Youth Through Football with MENA Minds
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Pfizer's Corporate Presence
Pfizer's Corporate Presence
MENA Minds Elevates Pfizer's Corporate Presence Through a Masterful PR Campaign
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Samsung Campaign
Samsung Campaign
Assembling a team of market researchers, creatives, and digital strategists.
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Positive Parenting to families in the Arab world
Unicef, Parenting Campaign
Positive Parenting to families in the Arab world.
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UNMAS Awareness Campaign
UNMAS Awareness Campaign
The Land Mine Awareness Campaign developed by MENA Minds for United Nation Military Observers (UNMAS)
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